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Learning Categories

Grow your skills

  • SAT prep, K-12, college level, and more!

  • Guitar, Music Theory, Audio Production and more!

  • SAT prep, K-12, College level, Creative writing, and more! 

  • Personal trainers, Dance lessons, Nutrition, and more!

  • Adobe CC, Photography, Drawing, and more!

  • HTML/JS/CSS, WordPress/PHP, Angular, Databases, and more!

  • Branding, Business Coaching, Marketing, and more! 

  • Personal finance, Career Dev., Fashion, and more!


Royal Blue University (RBU) is an educational platform brought to you by Royal Blue Productions.  RBU is intended to make it easier for people to gain knowledge, train their skills, and advance their careers – as well as offer a powerful stage for educators to host their services.  

We will one day become a fully accredited educational institution and offer college level credits in an individualized and cost effective format.  

Interested in having your lessons offered through RBU?

PLEASE RESPECT: Our educators are not employees of Royal Blue Productions LLC, but individuals and businesses that we have partnered with to bring you quality education in as many areas as possible.